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NFL Poolies

Posted on: August 11, 2009 11:12 am
But Beware Poolies
This is not the time to be drafting players
Yes you heard me don't get into a draft right now
you  can wait.

Why must some of you good ppl jump the gun by holding
NFL drafts now It's not even week 1 of the Pre-season
Trust me ppl you know who you are too lol.

Players are starting to drop like Flies sprayed with raid 
So why are some of you good ppl hell bent on drafting now

Look if you have a league it's time to scout players 
wait till week 3 or week 4 to hold your drafts 
that way you have the best chance of getting good players.

Yes whom ever you draft could get hurt we all know this.
But drafting too early could  
kill any chance you have of winning your 
football pool. 

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